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Meet Kristy

Kristy Byers is that one-in-a-million person that you meet and you feel like you’ve had a cup of coffee with an old friend.  She is warm, energetic and finds the funny in everyday life.  Her stand-up reflects the frustrations and fun of being a forever single.  Kristy’s stories are full of laughter as she tells of being a preschool teacher and of the other children in her life.   Her humorous look at life can make anything from performing in a theatrical production to going to the doctor or grocery store funny.  

Kristy has been a Christian Comedian for over 20 years.  She has been sharing her comedy with churches and organizations while encouraging her audiences through laughter to find the humor in life.  Kristy has had the opportunity to work with many different comics.  One of those opportunities was on a DVD project called “The Comedy Bus: Laugh Tracks” produced by Premier Productions and INO records.  This DVD was filmed on a K-LOVE cruise with other members of the Christian Comedy Association.

Kristy also is a talented solo artist.   Kristy writes her own parodies such as “Church Going Woman” and “Women Did You Know”.  She has also sung with the NarroWay singers on the Inspirational Network and her comedy can also be seen on INSP with the Comedy Bus and Southern Gospel Music Style.  

Like everyone else, Kristy has had her ups and downs in life.  Sometimes, through brokenness and sorrow, we find out what true joy is.   Through comedy and song, Kristy’s message of love and laughter will touch your hearts and make you belly laugh until you want to cry.  Kristy is a firm believer that you will laugh again.  (Job 8:21).  

So grab your favorite cup of coffee, which in Kristy’s case would be a pumpkin spice latte (she is a huge pumpkin fan), pull up a chair and get ready to laugh.


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